Workshop on Sunglasses and Eye Safety

Dr. David Sliney at EESC-USP Sept 2-06, 2019

Dr. Sliney, from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Dept of Environmental Health and Engineering, will give a short course that will take place from September 3 - 6, 2019 at the Electrical Engineering Department at EESC/USP, São Carlos (SP), Brasil. Its aim is to promote close interaction between USP and this expert in Visual Science. His expertise will fulfill students, researchers, professors and industries expectations on light hazards for the eye and sunglasses standards.


10 days with specialists

This is the first step in establishing a research partnership between USP and Dr. Sliney

A format of 15 hours lectures  will be delivered by Dr. Sliney and additional  15 hours of lectures and activities for this the course will be coordinated on USP’s campus by Prof. Dr Liliane Ventura, coordinator of Ophthalmic Instrumentation Lab. 
A list of lecturers and lecture's titles, as well as acitivites will be posted on this website by the end of August. Following the series of lectures, attendees, who are requiring credits for this course,  will be evaluated.  A limited number of USP and Dr. Sliney's researches interaction is anticipated to result from this short course.


Certificates will be awarded to course attendees as well as course credits for USP graduate and undergraduate students.


All Dr. Sliney's lectures will be given in English.


Direct inquiries to course organizer Prof. Liliane Ventura

The lectures will take place at:
Anfiteatro Armando Toshio Natsume -  Depto de Engenharia Elétrica - EESC - USP
Av. Trab. São Carlense, 400 - Centro, São Carlos - SP, 13566-590

Tel: (16) 3373-9365